Ilmarinen T-shirt

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The t-shirt is perfect for both men and women.
Wear-resistant fabric: 150 g / m²
100% cotton


Ilmarinen and the birth of the Moon

Many nations have myths and epic poems revealing the people’s values and their outlook on the world around them. Combined into the heroic epos, they participate in the formation of national self-awareness. For the Finnish nation, this is the Kalevala, a poetic Karelo-Finnish epos.
One of the epos’s significant characters is Seppo Ilmarinen, the smith who created the vault of heaven and forged the Sampo mill, the source of happiness and welfare. Ilmarinen is an industrious, talented and creative hero who has soaked up the features of the hard-working Finnish nation.
The print depicts the moment of the new moon’s creation by Ilmarinen.