Vainamoinen and the sword T-shirt

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The t-shirt is perfect for both men and women.
Wear-resistant fabric: 150 g / m²
100% cotton


Vainamoinen and the sword

One of the central plots of the Kalevala is the plunder of the Sampo, which was the source of happiness and welfare, from Pohjola. The glorious old Vainamoinen, a warrior, prophetic rune singer, sower, and man of wisdom, goes to Pohjola accompanied by Ilmarinen and Lemminkainen, and seizes the Sampo. He takes the Sampo away by boat, but the waking mistress of Pohjola catches up with the plunderers, and the battle for the Sampo begins. This is the moment that is depicted on the painting by Akseli Gallen-Kallela, Sammon puolustus. It is what inspired us to create this print.